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123 Ignition Distributor - Classic Mini

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 Introducing a revolutionary new product specifically for classic Minis, MGB and many British cars: the 123 electronic distributor! The 123/Mini, 123/MG and 123/GB distributors are designed as a direct replacement for your obsolete and usually non-functional Lucas distributor and offers the advantage of having no mechanical advance mechanism, a CNC machined body and a universal high quality cap/rotor. Besides being extremely easy to install the 123 distributor offers sixteen built in advance curves that can be selected by simply changing a switch setting. 

The 123/Mini and 123/GB offer curves designed with the tuner in mind: four groups of four related curves present a logical step-wise progression that will dramatically reduce the time needed to find an optimum ignition advance curve for your particular engine formula working under your particular conditions. No distributor has ever offered so many choices in one package so you can wave goodbye to spark scatter, shaft wobble, inappropriate advance curves and impossible to find tuning parts.







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